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Special 1-on-1 Virtual Fire Public Relations Training & Coaching through 2022 – 2023. Limited opportunity for personalized Fire Public Relations Training & Coaching.

Fire Public Relations Training is a high priority but Covid-19 has made in-person training nearly impossible. If you are looking for
quality Fire Public Relations Training and Coaching now this is your opportunity. Very limited  availability.

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Online Fire Public Relations Consultations

Unconventional Fire Public Relations Services

Fire PR is progressive provider online Fire Department Public Relations, Fire Social Media, Crisis Communications, Marketing, Video development, across the United States and around the world. We provide real-time consulting services for Fire, Fire Dept., Fire Service & other allied agencies.


Online Fire PR Consultations

For every kind of law enforcement agency, maintaining strong positive relationships with their local communities and the public that they serve is extremely important. Defending the public and maintaining law and order is, of course, a critical job that has to be done (and done well!) at all times. In the course of providing this vital service, it’s not at all uncommon to run into public relations challenges. If ignored or handled improperly, these minor irritations can develop into serious problems. This is why having strong expertise in crisis communications on your team is a huge asset. Is A Public Relations Company Specializing In Crisis Communications For Fire The Answer?

For most Fire departments, handling a little bit of public relations work internally is par for the course. However, exceptional situations requiring special care also come up regularly. Take these issues, for example:

  • Policing local government (e.g. arresting elected officials)
  • Property damage and fatalities coming from high-speed chases
  • Justified use of deadly force


Consultation Topics:

  • Response to a viral video
  • Write / edit news release/
  • How to make a great recruiting video
  • Should our chief/ Sheriff do to the interview
  • Write / develop talking points
  • Preparing for a news conference
  • Setting up our PIO office
  • How to get national news coverage
  • Using social media to get a wage increase
  • Pitching our local story to national media
  • Handling a local news media crisis
  • Selecting our new PIO
  • Handling a national news media crisis
  • How to set up our social media accounts
  • How to unofficially get our message out
  • Building our social media audience

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